CRISP has the Best Sandwiches in Walpole

Walpole, Mass., locals know if you're looking for the best pizza in town, head to CRISP. But CRISP may also be the place to get the best sandwiches in Walpole, too!

Located on the southern edge of Walpole Center, CRISP has a variety of options for sandwich lovers. Whether you are looking for a classic favorite or something new, owner Rob Carnes has made sure that the menu stays fresh.

"Former greats like Monte Christo and Reuben, I bring them back to life," says Carnes. "{As someone who is in the restaurant business on} a daily basis, I'm able to see what is working and what is not."

In addition to the usual suspects, like meatball and a variety of parms, you will also find hot sandwiches like the Lobster Grilled Cheese (smoked gouda & cheddar cheese, Maine lobster meat, on buttery sourdough, served with choice of fries or onion rings, with coleslaw and lemon) and the Thanksgiving Sandwich (CRISP roasted turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry aioli, & turkey gravy) on the menu.

CRISP's cold sandwiches include the traditional Italian, B.L.T., and Tuna. They also have both chicken and seafood salad which are both handmade with the freshest ingredients. After all, you have to have the best ingredients to make the best pizza and sandwiches!

"What sets us apart is our ingredients," says Carnes. "We are not a bunch of cooks in a kitchen. We have trained and experienced chefs on staff."

And it shows. Here's what customers are saying about CRISP:

"This is the best bar pizza I've had! The edges are so crispy with cheese and they don't skimp on the toppings. Their bacon cheeseburgers are also amazing so I always have a hard time choosing what to get. The bakery sells oreo cheesecake that is to die for. This has become a weekly staple for us!" - Jacqueline Horner (via Google Reviews)

"This pizza will Serenade your taste buds with that just-so-delicately crisp texture and a symphony of flavors." - Craig Bonin (via Google Reviews)

"...The rest of the menu is great as well, I've gotten wings and every version of fried potato, sandwiches, and their salads. Haven't been unhappy with anything yet." - Christa Bohan (via Google Reviews)

While most customers are initially drawn to CRISP for the pizza - they do have the world's best bar-style pizza recipe - the sandwiches and other menu items are equally as delicious. So whether you are looking for lunch, in between-meals snack, or dinner, head over to CRISP in Walpole. Their variety of unique hot and cold sandwiches, cooked to perfection pizza, or sweet treats from Montilio's Baking Company will have you popping into the eatery on a regular basis.

As said perfectly by the owner: "{CRISP has the} best food, expertly prepared. And servings are huge."